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Tips & FAQ

Are inspections required in order to validate my warranty?
No, although we recommend an annual inspection for early detection as a good maintenance practice. continue
Which protection services are available for my vehicle?
Select the 'Service Matcher',enter your vehicle information and get a list of warranty and maintenance services available to you based on the age and mileage of your car. continue
Do you clean passenger vehicles only?
We have worked on a wide variety of vehicles over the years including boats, RV's, motorcycles,tractors and even the occasional aircraft. continue
Can I protect my interior from cigarette burns and rips?
Both the Interior Protection Plus and Ultimate Protection services provide warranty coverage against Rips, Tears, Burns and Punctures. continue
My vehicle is not eligible for the Rust Warranty, can I still protect it somehow?
Our Annual Rust Protection is a non warranty maintenance program available for any age vehicle to help protect against rust perforation from the inside,out. It is a spray on… continue
What’s the best way to keep chrome rims looking like new?
Wheel Appearance Protection is available as a warranty service for vehicles of current year plus 3 years old or as a maintenance service for older vehicles. Cleans, revitalizes and… continue
Protection Against Surface Rust
Get added protection against surface rust when you purchase a PLATINUM PRO PACKAGE or ULTIMATE PACKAGE with corrosion protection. continue