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Automotive Protection & Detailing

With over 30 years of dedicated professional service, customer service is our # 1 priority at any Shine Factory Franchise. We take pride in protecting our customer's vehicles coast to coast from the harsh elements of our Canadian climate.

Protect The Value Of Your Investment

Let our friendly and knowledgeable team renew or maintain that "Just New" look, feel and smell.

Our Shine Factory expertise and quality workmanship goes into every customers vehicle.

You'll Be Glad You Did!


Does a clean car drive better? You bet it does!

Dull to Shine in no time!


Protecting the value of your investment for years to come has never been easier! Click on our SERVICE MATCHER above to view eligible options for your vehicle

Wheel Appearance Protection
5 Yrs New, 3 Yrs Pre-owned
Ultimate Protection
Shine & Interior ( no age or mileage restrictions ) Shine & Interior & Rust Corrosion & Surface Rust
Platinum Interior Protection Service
Protect your car's interior with a one time application.
Platinum Rust Protection
Provides maximum protection against corrosive effects of road salt and ocean spray.
Platinum Shine
Our Environmental Paint Protection protects your vehicle's paint finish against deterioration due to Acid Rain, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap and Ultra-Violet Rays.

Special Services

Check out our Detail section for wash and wax services or try one of our specialty services.Got Dirt? We love a challenge!

CAA Loyalty Program
'Show Your Card & Save' ®
Electronic Rust Prevention
Warranty service available
Bring Back That New Car Feel
Odour Removal
From Smoke to Pet Odours, we can clean it
Salt & Salt Water Counteractant
Annual Rust Protection
Offering you 'Peace Of Mind'
Shine For A Year
Protects your vehicle's finish for 1 year